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clear in this race. mcauliffe supporters are concerned about women's rights, voting rights and obama care. cuccinelli's crowd is a bunch of typical tea party crazies. joining me now for real talk panel, pulitzer prize winning national columnist, connie schultz, and also bill burton, former deputy white house press secretary and founder of co usa. connie, women's issues very big in this race. have women's issues in a gubernatorial race been so defined as they are here in virginia? >> as you know, you have been talking about virginia for quite some time. i've been covering it the last year-and-a-half, two years. there has been a lot going on to suppress women's rights there. i love what terry mcauliffe, who, let's be honest, he's not popular even with a lot of democrats. but i think the quinnipiac poll showed 30% of those voting for him are doing so because they dislike his opponent so much. he did say, i am a brick wall when it comes to women's abortion rights. he is going to protect those rights. he said he trusts women to make their own decisions for their own lives. considering thi
colleagues during the questioning of medicare and medicaid chief marilyn tavenner. she is the first obama administration official to answer questions before congress over the flawed rollout of the website. >>> government spying is also big on the hill today. in about two hours, the house intel committee holds a hearing to demand answers about the nsa's surveillance programs and it comes as outrage is building over the revelations the nsa spied on our country's allies, including german chancellor angeina merkel. dianne feinstein is calling for a total review. president obama said he wouldn't confirm what he called assumptions made in the press but the nsa is involved in a whole range of issues. >> what we've seen over the last several years is their capacities continue to develop and expand and that's why i'm initiating now a review to make sure that what they're able to do doesn't necessarily mean what they should be doing. >> joining me right now republican congressman peter king of new york. he's a member of the homeland security committee and chairman of the subcommittee
's pick to lead a federal housing agency. he's a respected member of congress who has the support from the business community. but to republicans, blocking these two appointments are just another way to try to hurt president obama. we've seen it again and again on issue after issue. with this republican party, they have such antipathy for this president and his agenda, they root for his failure. even if it's bad for the country. they'll do everything. even mistake the facts. here's what gop leaders said this week about government spending. >> this debt, it weighs on our economy today. we're not doing much about it. >> our country is on an unsustainable fiscal course. >> we have had record deficits. >> record deficits for the past five years? the senator conveniently left out some major information. under president obama, deficits have gone down five straight years. the fastest drop since world war ii. down $409 billion since 2012. republicans are quiet about that, but they're still making stuff up about health care. >> what i want is the finest possible health care for america that we
, a connection your whole house can count on. ♪ >> the united states has a lot of explaining to do. new allegations of nsa spying on euro allies have sent the obama administration scrambling. cristina mutchler has more on the latest u-s spy scandal. >> u.s. officials will sit down with lawmakers from the european area. they seek answers on the latest allegations of spying. there reported that the in as a monitor calls of 35 l. they have a document of a in as a leader and workefrom a nsa leakd snowden. the surveillance one of for over a decade in one newspaper reported that president obama was aware of it in 2010 and allowed it to continue. others have stated that the president knew nothing of this. >> much of this is a discarded. >> but this has not stopped serious fallout. they made an angry phone call to the president and that it has shaken their confidence with the united states. germany was in their own intelligence officials to washington looking for explanations. it remains to be seeing a pfennig in washington says will quieted their anchor. >> their anchorger. >> coming up on the
. if president obama did not know about this, that is normally what guys like in my business, what we call a conspiracy. and if it's a conspiracy, then somebody on capitol hill neat -- needs to get on their house and find out who was running a program like this against our leaders, leaders of another nation, and as monica said, this is phony nonsense with these leaders acting like they're all upset. everybody knows what is going on. but as joe wilson so eloquently put it, neil, in the state of union address, if the president of the it's now says he didn't know about it, then he is lying. >> here's one issue i'll raise with you. if the president is detached on these issues and allows this underlings to do this stuff you could read, if you're working for him, the boss is detached. we can go ahead and screw up the shop. >> that's no excuse. you're making an argument -- >> i'm not at all. if you provide the atmosphere, then everyone around you will run crazy all over you. >> that could be the casa, could well be the case. >> then he is grossly incompetent as the commander in chief and the chie
foley, who died earlier in the month. president obama and bill clinton were among the speakers. and kathleen sebelius will testify on capitol hill about implementing the capital law. she will be at the house energy commission live on c-span three. c-span. we bring public affairs events from washington directly to you, putting you in the room at congressional hearings, white house events, briefings, and and offering complete gavel-to-gavel coverage of the u.s. house, all as a public service of private industry. we are c-span, created by the cable tv industry 34 years ago and funded by your local cable or satellite provider. now, you can watch us in hd. the centers for medicare and medicaid services apologizes for the issues on the website since his rollout. maryland testified before the house ways and means committee. a congressman chairs this three- hour hearing. [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2013] [captioning performed by national captioning institute] >> this hearing will come to order. good morning. i would like to welcome marilyn tavener,
report out that the white house has pressured insurance executives to keep quiet about the obama ca care rollout. >> there are a number of americans, fewer than 5% of americans who have got cut-rate plans that doesn't offer real financial protection in the event of a serious illness or an accident. remember, before the affordable care act, these bad apple insurers had free rein, every single year, to limit the care that you received or use minor preexisting conditions to add to your premiums or bankrupt you. >> david, it's good to have you back, good morning. >> thanks, carl, good to be with you. >> i want to talk about the quarter and conference call. the stock getting a lot of activity today. have you been asked to keep quiet about obama care in. >> we have not. we've been actively iengaged wih multiple years with the administration on both sides the aisle. we believe the make system needs to evolve, you need to improve affordability for all and improve health care quality for all. that's what we've been working toward. >> when he refers to "bad apple insurers," i wonder if you think h
for him politically. in a scandal. the obama care stuff. he's taking on a lot of weight right now politically. >> okay. joy, far from learning their lesson, today the senate gop used filibuster rules to block two of the president's nominees. one on housing, and the other appeals court judge nominee patricia millert, a woman even ted cruz has cited for her, i'm quoting mr. cruz, fine professional credentials. so i guess no matter the president nominated her, that's it, she's not going through. >> there's nothing that's going to do better for a party's brand that has trouble with african-americans and women than blocking the nomination of both an african-american and a woman, because that really sends a message, we care. and the nomination, bloc, is significant in something like that hasn't been done in 100 years. they're setting a new precedent in terms of obstruction, when harry reid came to a deal with mitch mcconnell they were going to put aside this obstruction and move things forward. it shows the republicans are completely and utterly tone deaf. all most americans will rememb
. you are the poll maven here at nbc, you and chuck. what do you think to the white house is most alarming. >> the president's numbers as you just pointed out. of course people's disgust with washington isn't something new, present the last four or five years. what's been notable how president obama has been able to float above that. his numbers have been higher than everyone else's. this poll is the first time we see the weight of all the stories that have been over the past month and a half. the government shutdown, the website's rollout on health care law, allegations of nsa spying have taken a weight on him and put his approval numbers at an all-time low. also as you just mentioned favorable, unfavorable first time, upside down in his presidency, in fact, the time we've been testing him in the poll. >> chris slice arcillizza, appr number down to 42%, bottoming into george bush territory, which was as low as 37 at this point in his presidency midterm. what are the implications for midterm. >> i'm working on this piece. a lot of democrats say who cares what his approval ratings
'll jump in there. dealing with criticism of course, the obama administration from overseas about spying on friends in particular the german chancellor angela merkel, when we're looking at the domestic angle, are they going to look at that, as well? >> well, michael, the white house has said they're taking a look. they're going to review all of these programs and to see what they need to do, whether or not what the nsa is doing is necessary versus what they're doing just because they can. now, we dote note whether at the end of this review they're going to announce anything publicly about some of these collections. last night, at a an event in baltimore, the head of the nsa, general keith alexander, suggested that you know, maybe the usefulness of some of this collection on world leaders might not be as valuable as the relationships with these countries. for instance, if it's ever found out you know, it might damage diplomatic releases to such an extent that maybe pab you know, doing all of this behind closed doors is not worth it. so you know, we'll see perhap what this turns out. but a
is concerned that president obama will cave on the social security consumer price index. it would definitely be a cut in benefits. this they have put the white house on notice that they are not going along with that and just reminding him he just got re-elected. they don't want to go to the polls in 2014 where you have to have the base show up and say, yeah, we just cut social security benefits. i don't think that is -- that's why there will be no grand bargain reached early next year. >> how about on the right when you stalk about potential tax cuts? what about corporate loopholes. >> corporate loopholes, but republicans are saying, listen, we are open for some taxes, but if are you going to raise taxes in one area you have to cut them in another. it has to be revenue neutral. that's the issue with tax reform which is a heavy lift, but republicans and a few democrats are working on the tax reform. that's the rub of whether you take the revenue and reduce the deficit or make it revenue neutral. >> we need something to be done, but we will believe it when we see it. >> kick the can down the r
a blackberry, but it's -- there's no key pad on it. >> there isn't? >> no. >> president obama has a blackberry. >> i hear he does. >> most of the white house uses a blackberry. this is going to be a huge concern for a lot of people across the globe. >> i'm pretty good at dictating now on the iphone. it works. >> yeah? >> put me in the training. >> angela merkel, by the way, uses a samsung. i don't know what that means. more accessible to the nsa, i don't know. so anyway, that's the news of the morning and that's going to be getting a lot of attention today in the markets. >>> let's talk about hudson's bay, the company is expected to complete the acquisition of retailer later today. >> reporter: good morning, becky. i'm here at saks fifth avenue in new york city with richard baker, the ceo of hudson's bay company. an early congratulations on the deal today. let's get started off with why saks. how important was real estate as we sit here and sort of the crown jewel of saks? >> well, saks was very important and relevant for us and something we worked on really since 2006 for three primary reason
blame president obama, he's not responsible for that. stuart: you've got to blame the private insurers not just emanuel saying that. here is the white house advisor trying to explain why millions will lose their current health plans. >> if you have a plan before obamacare, you can keep that. if your plan is downgraded or cancelled, you can't. stuart: pure spin. plans are canceled by the million because obamacare makes them illegal. fox news reporting that 3.7 million people have lost coverage so far. in the next hour, by the way, congressman fred upton will join us and we'll bring you a story of one cancer patient who is happy with their insurance, kept for years and she can't keep it or her doctor. that's 10:00 this morning. don't worry, we're firmly focused on your money. we'll take you to wall street to see, just watch your money grow this monday morning, yes, there's going to be a rally and stocks are going up again, except for blackberry, it's tanking and the reason for that. it's a big week, sebelius hearings, the jobs report, we've got it all, but first, here is this. is footbal
to introduce our first honored guest. on august 25, 2009, president obama designated in the marco the acting director, the regular for fannie mae, freddie mac and the federal home loan bank. previously, mr. demarco service faq the opera an officer and senior deputy director for housing mission and goals since fhfa's succession in 2008. a career double certain, he joined office of federal housing enterprise oversight, the predecessor agency to fhfa on october 2006. as its chief operating officer and deputy director. finally during the past four years under the direction of acting director demarco, andy and its members have enjoyed an open and collaborative relationship with fhfa. so for this were truly appreciated and help this president continues into the future. ladies and gentlemen, please welcome fhfa acting director ed demarco. [applause] ♪ >> good morning, everyone. thank you for inviting me to speak this morning. i'd like to start by congratulating the mortgage papers association on this 100th annual convention. that is quite a history. when it traces from a much different and limite
guest. on the 25th 2009 president obama appointed ed demarco regular firm fannie mae freddie mac and the federal home of banks. previously, mr. demarco served sf hfa chief operating officer and senior deputy director for housing national goals since the perception in 2008. a career civil servant mr. demarco joined the federal housing oversight as an agency to act hfa -- fhfa as its chief operating and director. during the past years of acting director demarco mba members have enjoyed an open and collaborative relationship with fhfa. for this we are truly appreciative and hoped this president continues into the future. ladies and gentlemen, please welcome fhfa acting director, ed dimarco. [applause] ♪ >> good morning, everyone. thank you for inviting me to speak this morning yet as they could start by congratulating the mortgage bankers association on this hundredth annual convention. that is quite a history. when the tree system a much different and more limited housing finance system to mama creates our gre
to go this way. they weren't difficult because they were partisan with obama care. >> it passed without a single republican vote. you couldn't fix it or send it back to the house to fix it. >> well, it's passed. it's the law. you know, i'm using it to transform kentucky. we're going to change kentucky's history with this law. 640,000 people for the first time in their lives will have affordable health care. these folks aren't aliens from a planet. they go to church with us, sit in the bleachers on friday night and watch ball games. these are our family and friends. i'm going to tell you something. this country and state is going to be so much better off in the next generation. we'll have a healthier work force. responsible business people know we'll have a more productive work force. >> you don't believe that ken? >> i'm a more productive workforce. >> you don't believe it, you're rolling your eyes. >> no, because there are 32 million other people -- >> hang on, ken. take a deep breath, chill out and let this thing work. >> i'm chilled out, governor, believe me. frankly, when becky ment
that the republicans passed in the house frankly that could drive down costs, create greater coverage, which is what we all want at the end of the day. don't think you have to say it's obama care or nothing. all republicans are for keeping kids inh sured, 26 and under. >> it's not going to happen. let me put on an example. the health care exchanges. what should happen to the website? in a republican view, what should happen to the website? >> first of all, you have to bring in a real team that's held accountable, that can answer the questions. they should be able to talk about what's going on. >> should we keep it? should we fix it? continue with it? >> of course, you should fix it. you have to get it right first. you have to understand the problem. yes, you have to fix it and understand the problem and figure out so we don't do this again. i mean the problem i see more and more is we've got people going, yeah, it's not a big deal, it's a glitch, it's a temporary problem i don't think anyone is saying that at this moment. >> absolutely the secretary said yesterday the site didn't go down, it's moving s
mitt romney was governor. major garrett is at the white house. good morning. >> good morning, norah and charlie. they don't deny that it's a mess and individuals are frustrated at having to change their policies even though president obama promised them they could keep them because they don't comply with the new plan. the website is getting better and they say will be fully operational in about a month and that those in the individual market comprise only 5% of those in the country and over time they'll be able to find better coverage and possibly health care subsidies when it's fully operational. what does massachusetts have to do with all this norah? >> it was in 2006 that they had to have coverage. this website had a tough rollout. people waited until the last minute and some parts of the law were changed. that will be the president's message today. bumpy rollouts are nothing new. that's a tough message but it's the only one the white house has. norah and charlie? >> major, thank you. the national security agency director general alexander said europeans act
romney was governor. major garrett is at the white house. good morning. >> good morning, norah and charlie. they don't deny that it's a mess and individuals are frustrated at having to change their policies even though president obama promised them they could keep them because they don't comply with the new plan. the website is getting better and they say will be fully operational in about a month and that those in the individual market comprise only 5% of those in the country and over time they'll be able to find better coverage and possibly health care subsidies when it's fully operational. what does massachusetts have to do with all this, norah? >> it was in 2006 that they had to have coverage. this website had a tough rollout. people waited until the last minute and some parts of the law were changed. that will be the president's message today. bumpy rollouts are nothing new. that's a tough message but it's the only one the white house has. norah and charlie? >> major, thank you. the national security agency director general alexander said europeans actually shared those ph
of nature. >> it certainly is. . kier simmons in london. thank you. >>> two senior obama administration officials will be on capitol hill this week to face tough questions about the troubled health care enrollment website. the house weighs and means committee wants to know what went wrong and whether the administration can be trusted to fix it. the committee will hear today from marilynn tabner, and the health and human services chairman. >>> police in colorado are searching for a predator this morning who they say tried to take an 8-year-old girl from her bedroom in the middle of the night. this happened in aurora, colorado. police say the suspect broke into a house through a window. the girl screamed, and she managed to get away. she got the attention of her father who then chased the suspect into an alley where he got a glimpse of his car, but the suspect managed to drive away. the girl was taken to the hospital with minor injuries. >>> penn state university reached a multimillion-dollar settlement with 26 of the victims of the assistant football coach jerry sandusky. they'll shooef
by national captioning institute] up on c-span, president obama has a talk about problems implementing the health law. later, the first public hearing of the 2014 budget negotiators in the house and senate. on the next "washington journal," mother jones magazine and first, washington bureau chief david corn talks about the founding and mission. then discussing a recent study that shows a decline in the financial safety net of the poorest families with children this years campaign. later, lauryn williams and on women's issues. washington journal is alive every morning starting at 7:00 a.m. eastern on c-span. on september 16, aaron alexis people at the washington navy yard. they examine the shooting and security at federal facilities. you can see it live starting at 10:00 a.m. eastern on c-span. >> john foster had recently died when the super airport was being built and president eisenhower immediately announced that it beld be announced -- would named dulles airport. he did not want to name it after a cold war warrior but finally the decision was made to name it after dulles. you can se
and recent government shutdown have taken a poll on president obama's image. according to new nbc "wall street journal" poll only 42% of mr. obama's job performance is approved. that is down 5%age points from earlier this month. >>> according to the just-released calendar, the house of representatives will be in session 113 days next year. that is down from this year's scheduled 126 days. many house members part of their time on the campaign trail running for re-election in the 2014 midterm elections. those are the news headlines on the fox business network. get you back to ashley and tracy. ashley: arthel negative very, thank you very much. >> you're welcome. >> preparing for takeoff no longer means shutting off the electronic device. well, kind of. the federal aviation administration easing regulations when you can use your cell phone and tablet during take off and landings. delta and jetblue submitting e device plan to the faa you could use devices soon as tomorrow. joining us mary schiavo, former inspector general at department of transportation. thanks very much for joining us. we'
house coming under fire about spying on world leaders and our friends. a new report is saying possibly that president obama knew of the nsa spying on merkel, germany. what do you make of this and is this something to be embarrassed about or not? >> that nsa story that he knew was in germany, "wall street journal" has a story out from senior officials anonymously saying he didn't know, that president obama did not know for five years that they had this program to spy on world leaders. so either way, it's not good. either the defense is that he was kept out of the loop, has been the defense this white house has used, or the spying on 35 world leaders, it's just not good public relations wise. that said, listen, every country spies and while it's a tough thing to sell to the american public and to the public overall, it does happen. >> it does. but what's disturbing is apparently -- and according to the nsa people who talked to the white house, a lot of people don't trust the nsa these days anyway because they spy on all of us. just the fact that the president, while he was president, thi
the announcement had been expected - since the white house has been promising quick action to fix the many technical problems with the website. when it comes to leadership and personal responsibility, president barack obama has made his stance very clear: "the buck stops with me." jim sciutto has details. are >> are >> >> reporter: president obama wouldn't confirm the nsa was spying on the phone calls of u-s allies like germany's chancellor angela merkel -- but in an interview with the new cable network fusion, he both defended u-s intelligence activities... >> "the national security operations generally have one purpose, and that is to make sure the american people are safe." >> reporter: and conceded.. that maybe, they've gone too far. >> "i'm initiating now a review to make sure what they're able to do doesn't necessarily mean what they should be doing." >> reporter: senior administration officials tell cnn president obama wasn't aware about nsa surveillance of merkel and other close allies until earlier this year -- and when he found out, he ordered a stop to some of the programs. the
in support of congressman mel watt to serve as director of the federal housing finance agency. it has been over five years since the fhfa's inception and it still has never had a confirmed director. first, senate republicans blocked president obama's original nominee for the post, jewel smith, who was a technocrat. today they are trying to block congressman watt because they say he is a politician and not a technocrat. whabut they forget that congresn watt has over 40 years of experience in housing, real estate, and other financial services issues. before coming to congress, he practiced business and economic development law and personally walked hundreds of families through real estate closings. in congress, he had served on the house financial services committee for the past 21 years. in that capacity, was one of the first members to recognize the need for action on predatory lending. with quite foresight, he introduced the "prohibit predatory lending act" in 2004 and introduced it every congress until it became the foundation for the "qualifie qualified more provision for the wall stree
. foxx: i request unanimous consent to address the house for one minute, mr. speaker. the speaker pro tempore: the gentlelady is recognized. ms. foxx: thank you, mr. speaker. in 2009 president obama made a promise his administration had no intention of keeping. if you like your doctor, you will be able to keep your doctor, period. if you like your health plan, you'll be able to keep your health care plan, period. no one will take it away, no matter what, end quote. today's "washington post" bestows upon this moment of rhetorical splendor and others like it four by folk owes for the -- four pi folk yows -- pinocchios. it turns out the affordable care act is cutting health insurance plans. apparently the president's promise came with a large caveat. if you like your health care plan, you can keep your health care plan if we deem it to be adequate. for millions, washington has deemed their personal health care plans deficient and come january, they won't have access to the plans they had before. americans deserve better. i yield back. the speaker pro tempore: for what purpose does the ge
passed some of democratic control of both houses. even florida supposedly controversial law passed the state senate unanimously. when illinois strengthened its long-standing law in 2004 state senator barack obama cosponsored the bill that was unanimously approved. conversely many so-called red states oppose a duty to retreat and even more restrictive states courts have held that retreat is required when preventing serious crime. indeed it's universal crucible that a person can use force when she reasonably believes is necessary to defend defend against a minute use of unlawful force. where there is no duty to retreat she is further justified in using deadly force if she recently believes it's necessary to prevent death or great bodily harm. it's not an easy defense to assert and it certainly doesn't mean you can shoot first and ask questions later. these laws aren't a license to be a vigilante or behave recklessly. they protect law-abiding citizens. that is why this debate is emma. in ancient britain a duty to retreat refused -- by which the king under duty of us protection to the
president obama's signature health care law. the one that may get the most attention comes on wednesday when secretary kathleen sebelius appears before the house energy and commerce committee. >>> also, toyota is holding on to its lead as the world's top-selling automaker. says it sold 7.41 million vehicles during the first nine months of this year. gm sold 7.25 million vehicles during the same period of that year. >>> jpmorgan has agreed to pay $5.1 billion to settle claims that it and firms it bought misled fannie and freddie about home loans that sold to them during the housing boom. the settlement is expected to be part of what we've all described as a tentative $13 billion deal, but the bank is negotiating with federal and state agencies. so there you have it. we should note that $5.1 billion number. about $1 billion more than people expected. i wonder if the total 13 stays at 13 or whether this is a different mix. >> did you read the "wall street journal" today? >> i did. >> and the lead editorial? >> i did. >> poor fannie and freddie. even the democrat led committee that looked at wha
for a total review of the agency's activities. the white house is reportedly considering a ban on spying on allied heads of state. abc's karen travers reports from washington. >> reporter: the nsa spying scandal continues to grow. a report that for five years president obama had no knowledge that u.s. spies were targeting some 35 heads of state, including some of america's top allies. in an exclusive interview with jim avila for fusion's "this is america," president obama said -- >> what we've seen the last several years is their capacity's continued to develop and expand. and that's why i'm initiating now a review it make sure that what they're able to do doesn't necessarily mean what they should be doing. >> reporter: the white house insists the u.s. has stopped spying on german chancellor angela merkel and will not do it in the future. the "wall street journal" reported that programs targeting other world leaders are still operating. and the leaks which stemmed from information from former nsa contractor edward snowden just keep coming. two spanish newspapers say the nsa secretly moni
was ordered to close. >>> 8:49. a delegation from the european union meets today with white house officials about the recent reports the u.s. spied on european leaders. delegation has been in washington since monday. they've already met with state department officials and intelligence agencies. now, president obama ordered an investigation of intelligence- gathering programs after the reports of spying on allies by the national security agency. >>> also new this morning, the government just told us how much social security payments will go up next year. the annual cost of living adjustment is 1.5%. that's -- 1.5%. that's one of the smallest increases since automatic adjustments were adopted in 1975. the cost of living announcement was scheduled for two weeks ago but it was delayed by the government shutdown. >>> 8:489. san francisco's old mint is being used as a haunted house. the 140-year-old landmark was rented out for the week and turned into a paid halloween attraction. complete with a room gulf ghosts and goblins. the mint is managed by the nonprofit museum and historic society. they h
, house oversight and government reform committee released new details of only six people signing up on one day, that of course being day one, this after the committee obtained notes taken at an obama administration meeting about the problem-plagued obamacare when site. california congressman darrell issa chairs that committee. he judges us this morning. great to have you, jenna. >> thank you for covering these notes taken in the war room on the days this program was rolling out and failing. >> that is what we're hearing. that is the background from the notes. we're hearing from the administration they are not official numbers. they're waiting to give more accurate numbers to the public. what is your reaction to that? is this data worthless? >> jenna, it is november 1st. it is my birthday, a month since the rollout. let's understand something the president had $600 million, 100% control and notes taken in their war room say six the first day. later, on october 2nd it looked like they hit 100. the following day they had 248. 248 over two full days. and the numbers don't get better. an
. go ahead. >> caller: my insurance policy has been canceled. the white house website says if you like your health plan you have you can keep it. >> well, cory, lots of people have been talking about the president's repeated claims that under obama care you can keep the health plan you already have. but that's not entirely accurate. the biggest changes in the affordable care act are to the individual market where people who don't have coverage to work can buy their own insurance. now, it is a daunting landscape to navigate. insurance companies could refuse to cover you if you were sick. they could charge you more if they calculated that you cost them more because, for example, you were older or a woman who might have children. they could finagle their fine print so that the policies didn't actually do the job of insurance, which is to protect you from financial disaster if you fall ill. so take a look at the bankruptcies there that are declared due to medical costs which in the u.s. is most bankruptcies. more than three-quarters of the people who went bankrupt due to medical bills in 2
into maine. >>> according to new documents released by house republicans, only six people were able to enroll for insurance on the first day of the government's health care website. >>> and top aides to president obama's re-election campaign considered replacing vice president joe biden with hillary clinton. that's the revelation in a new book called "double down." >>> also coming up this morning, the cruise industry under scrutiny. are ships getting too big to sail safely? >>> and we are really excited to have the cast of "las vegas" here, michael douglas, robert de niro, morgan freeman, kevin kline, four oscar winners, all co-hosting our 8:00 hour. >> very, very cool. >>> but let us begin this half hour with a "today" exclusive. bernard kerik is a law enforcement legend in new york. as head of the notorious rikers island jail, he ran one of the largest jails in the country, and he's credited with turning it around. kerik went on to lead the new york city police department during 9/11, and with his career on the rise in 2004, then president george w. bush nominated him to be secretary of hom
-senator obama said, quote, those interest payments are a significant tax on all americans. a debt tax that washington doesn't want to talk about, end quote. but let's be clear. house republicans in congress and the voters who put us here are the only reason, the only reason, anyone in august of 2011, talked about the debt problem and reached a debt deal. otherwise, the president would have simply had the debt ceiling raised and there would have been nothing done structurally and we're the only reason we talk about it now. otherwise it would be a clean debt ceiling increase with no strings attached. i urge my colleagues to join me in supporting this important resolution and getting our excessive spending under control. i yield back. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman -- yields back. the gentleman from indiana reserves. the gentleman from michigan is ecognized. mr. markey: is the gentleman eady to close? mr. young: i am. mr. levin: i'll speak briefly, those who vote for this bill, are saying they're willing to use the threat of default once again. nd we shouldn't be doing this. i do
to keep your doctor, period." that's what president obama said. if the white house had been honest about how many families are going to lose access to their doctors, this health care law would never have passed. well, the white house did make that promise. democrats did pass that law. and american families all across the country are suffering as a result. so coming back from wyoming this morning, mr. president, i picked up "usa today." this is a newspaper whose editorial page had supported the president's health care law, but their view today, "coverage cancellations belie obama's promise. obamacare is starting to resemble a patient bleeding from self-inflicted wound. a month after launches the online health exchanges where individuals are supposed to shop for insurance remain slow or unusable, except in the states that opted to run their own marketplaces and did a more competent job than the administration. states more competent than the administration. as if that weren't trouble enough, critics are justifiably mocking president obama for his repeated untrue promise that if people liked
the republicans are blamed, if i'm president obama and i am a democrat, i can't look at these phone numbers and claim a huge victory that will bring a majority of the house in 2014. why is that? because they share some of the blame and i think the republicans have missed a tremendous opportunity and if that they will be blamed for the shutdown, they should have said that we only shutdown in this way and the government, and they did not do that. yet i think that looking towards 2014, it is tough for me to see how the shutdown of the government translates into some kind of democrats in the house. but what americans do not like and many of them call themselves independents, they do not like overreach. many think they are reaching too far into radically and then they slap it back. that is what 1994 was about in 2006 and 2010 and 2014 as well. >> host: two points to share, first of all, this is a tweet from one of our viewers, i vote for whatever party can get the job done. hold spending down, none of this has happened in the last six years. i want to follow-up on your take with this comment bec
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